We just went through the amount of injections that we need, it’s a ridiculous amount of things that can kill you out there in the world, and also I am afraid of needles, eeeek! So because I’m from Sweden I don’t really get immunised against anything, and have always just gotten the Gamma Globulin injection on holidays that kinda […]

a Tuesday in September   wrote:

So we’re looking at Eco Villages

It looks well naff, but it seem like fun, you get to learn about how to build a sustainable village, and live in it, the only drawback is that they all seem to be VEGETARIAN, I’ll have to sneak myself in a months supply of sausages if I’m to survive that ordeal. This one above […]

a Monday in September   wrote:

Budget, budget, budget

We’re trying to budget our trip to make it longer at the moment, how does one budget for a extended time away?

a Sunday in September   wrote:

The planning is coming on

First on our list will probably be south America, where we hope to see our mates Fernando and Magnus. We where thinking about starting in Peru, and making our way across to Brazil to meet Fernando and go about Brazil for another month. Then spend another month making our way across and north to Central […]

a Sunday in September   wrote:

The list

Sarah has compiled a small list of things we need for our journey. I’m scared with the “sterile syringe”, apparently its good to have and give to the doctor, to be safe, I don’t think doctors will take that as “you seem like a nice doctor, but I don’t think you’ve been taught hygiene”

a Sunday in September   wrote:

Installed WordPress for android

It seems to do what it said on the box, but not much more. I don’t think that ill get a map for this post, shame, geo plugin would be a great feature. Good thing that I don’t write that much, as I hate smart phone keypads, I can never hit the right key.

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