a Monday in September Jim wrote:

Budget, budget, budget

We’re trying to budget our trip to make it longer at the moment, how does one budget for a extended time away?

We’ve got rough estimates about daily budgets from sites like Lonely Planet and The never ending voyage

In the latter he brought his heavy fat macbook on the holiday to continue making websites, I’ve got my little netbook from dell, should we bring the mac, does that make us a target for robbery?

I’m not going to be able to run any Photoshop version better than CS possible CS2 on this little bugger, also I’m not that proficient in gimp (yeah it’s got linux on it). It barely runs Eclipse that well, so well see if we’re straying from our nomad lifestyle to bring some heavy geekery equipment for money making.

Otherwise we’ve got an average of £33 each per day, it’s not much is it?
But hey, how much can a daily intake of rice and beans cost? We’ve just have to get thrifty (which we’re not good at).

although it does look like the only place where our budget won’t last is in Brazil, so we just have to take it on the chin there and make up for it in Bolivia and Peru.

So our breakdowns are:

Peru: £30.00/person/day
Volunteering: £20.00/person/day
Brazil: £80.00/person/day
Bolivia: £30.00/person/day
Paraguay: £30.00/person/day
Argentina: £40.00/person/day
Chile: £20.00/person/day
Uruguay: £25.00/person/day

Note that most of these are above the “average” recommended “thrifty” allowances, this also means that we’ll not be flying anywhere really, just going by bus.

Well we’ll see how this budget holds up, and we’ll post a comparison i a few months when we are broke.

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“Budget, budget, budget”

  1. Erin Wrote:

    Thanks for linking to our budget post. Your budget doesn’t look bad at all, although I have heard Chile is a lot more expensive than elsewhere in South America.

    If you are planning on working on the road we’d recommend taking a Macbook. We don’t feel we are that much of a target for robbery, if you are quite careful. We do have insurance though!

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