a Thursday in November Jim wrote:

First actually travel post

Dog WalkerFinally!After a prolonged build-up, we’re finally here in the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, surrounded by parrillas, dog walkers and tango dancers, the first being the biggest favourite of mine, but sadly not Sarah’s, the first hurdle we’ve had to jump is the vegetarian/pescatarian one, they don’t barbeque fish in the parillas, and they certainly don’t grill nut roast. So Sarah’s diet will more than likely be composed of 66% pizza, which seems to be the second favourite food of the locals.

To be honest I didn’t think we’d ever get here, from the beginning the journey date was 2 months earlier, pushed back by the everyday London obstacle course of deadlines and house rentals, and in by the last minute by the American immigration, and their silly transit, “No I don’t want to stay in your crappy country, I just want to transit to and from the better ones!”.

We flew with American Airlines through Dallas, which is better than Atlanta and New York at least, but you still have to go through immigration, and customs, but as a bonus for Dallas you don’t have to check your luggage out and in again (bonus?), take my word for it, flying through Madrid is worth another £100, but hey we’re on a budget here.

So here starts the Amazing Journeys of Sarah & Jim, one that hopefully will be long(ish) and prosperous

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“First actually travel post”

  1. anna Wrote:

    I guys…
    I am really happy for you two…
    I come back two days ago from South America… and I have to say…one month was not enough… We had amazing time over there … so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this wonderful adventure…
    Please, make sure you have pills for altitude (pasillas para la altura) with you before going to Bolivia or Peru’!!
    …and don’t forget to learn some tango steps.. so you can teach me 🙂
    A big hug+ kiss.
    Buona onda!

  2. Jim Lundblad Wrote:

    We’re loving it here, hope you had a good time as well, i think we’re braving the milongas tomorrow for some tango lessons.

  3. kristermichl Wrote:

    Hey guys,
    Glad to hear something from you. You never got back to me with the information you were going to give Jim. However, I am really happy to see signs of life from you and Sarah! Have an amazing time travelling and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with from here in Sweden, should you need anything.

    Take care!

  4. Jim Lundblad Wrote:

    Det kommer snart ett email, jag har bara inte hunnit at formulera ett ännu.

  5. Nev Wrote:

    Hello dearest Sarah and Jim!

    Sending you lots of love from a very wet, cold, miserable London! Nice to hear how you’re getting on…Oh dear, I guess the Argentinians take their red meat seriously – poor Sarah, although I imagine heaven for you Jim!

    Lovely pic of the dog walkers but (ahem!) what happened to the promised milonga snaps? Get your dancing shoes on you two and get down with the local tangueros!

    Anyway, I’ll stop with the tango bullying and I’ll look forward to following your journeys.

    Much love to you both xxx

  6. Jim Lundblad Wrote:

    We will, we will, I think we’re braving the milonga for a lesson tomorrow, we might leave without toes though.

  7. Anna Wrote:

    Hi both!
    you made it, you’re off and away! Sorry I didn’t send the trousers, life became a bit much for while here. New house, selling house, new job, new house in state needs massive renovations, crawling almost walking baby, 3 month cold and cough, sinus drainage and now SNOW!!!

    I hope you have a fantastic time. Will keep myself updated ont his site. Let me know if you will be in a place for long enough to send stuff. Sometimes it’s great to get a parcel with stuff from home.

    Take care! Huge hugs!

  8. The Stockholmers Wrote:

    Worst blog ever!!! No updates in 2½ weeks.

    Cheers /the Söder´s

  9. Jim Lundblad Wrote:

    kinda hard to find internet in the middle of a sub tropic jungle, the only thing around was spiders, evil caterpillars and red dirt

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