a Tuesday in November Jim wrote:

Palermo and San Telmo

We ventured off one day to Palermo, to see how the yuppies live, and it really was like Buenos Aires 90210, loads of gym chiselled dudes in slicked back hair was roller blading around the park along with orange tanned ladies who seemed to have the same nasal ancestry as each other and gravity defying boobs. Although Palermo also offered A$ 8 Choripans with chimichurri which made me very happy.

Next day, and it was time to see how the other half lived, we made our way down to Calle Defensa that leads through San Telmo to La Boca to check out the market stands, along the way a bunch of antique shops lay scattered, inside old ladies sat around and gossiped and told tales of neighbours shenanigan the other day, not really caring if anyone wanted to buy a A$ 150 (£25) haselblad camera with accompanying lenses.

The further up Calle Defensa we came the more free spirited the people became,it was like the road hippiefied you as the proximity to la Boca became less. Sporadic carnival drumming and samba performances, became more frequent and a small dance band provided much happy entertainment for the older generation.

Towards the evening the dance band slowly changed to a sambaish tune accompanied by a jazzy saxophone, apparently this was Columbian music. Dreadlocked fire-poi wielding girls in flowing tei-dyed clothing danced barefooted, and the laughter rang around the place.

San Telmo was the place to be, and we were there…

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