a Saturday in November Jim wrote:

Hablamos Spanish?

We quickly realized that without knowing any Spanish we would not be able to venture far into the unknown in Latin America, as we struggled to make ourselves understood in a city that wants to be European. But where could one learn Spanish?The answer came suddenly and unexpectedly at breakfast one day, Lennart a friendly Dutch dude was running late for his first day at the local language school, and within 20min of talking to Lennart we’re where enrolled for a weeks intensive course in Argentinian Spanish, yes Argentinian Spanish as apparently they say and pronounce things differently to all the other 300 million people that speak Spanish in the world, but hey it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

So now armed with minuscule knowledge of how to conjugate a verb and where a noun should go, we went all out and tried to forage for food once more, but instead of Spanish, some sort of long forgotten mixture of Italian, French and Portuguese (which we of course can’t speak either to start with) came out instead. But hey, we’re making some progress, it was remotely similar to some sort of Latin language.

Not only did Coined,  our language school,  provide us with a necessary vocabulary to buy empanadas and tartas, but it also tutored us in the passionate art of tango, in the local milonga, La Catedral. Although for us it was more a course in how to run down everybody else on the dance floor, which we excelled at.

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“Hablamos Spanish?”

  1. Natalie C Wrote:

    Hey Sarah and Jim!

    You look like you’re having an amazing time! Wishing you all the best in your travels and adventures.

    Love from all at TCP xxxxxx

  2. Monica Wrote:

    Hi lovely guys!
    Miss you lots, you seem to have an eventful travel so far! Keep up the posts, been dying to hear what’s going on over there. 🙂

    Lots of love,

  3. Jojoh Wrote:

    OMG!!! how behind am I? hadn’t realised the time had come – you both look and write like you are having an amazing time. big hugs and thinking about you lots! will be reading.
    gros bisousssssssss.

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