a Thursday in November Sarah wrote:

Mother of the red soil

Our disillusion with city lifestyle was one of the reasons we decided to travel. We wanted to experience the total opposite whilst helping out a project we admired. Research led us to Mama Roja a sustainable village project based in the Misiones, Argentina.

We both felt apprehension before heading off to the sub-tropic jungle. Giant spiders filled my nightmares whilst Jim started to freak out at the thought of two weeks with no meat or internet. Whilst walking into the wilderness with our backpacks and tent we preparing ourself for the worst having no idea what to expect.

What we found was a beautiful small community of dynamic people with surprising views and provoking ideas. Modern and traditional were combined giving us insight into what a positive post consumerist society could look like.

Never had we felt so relaxed. Each day there were new activities to do. Smearing finishing coats  of mud to Adobe huts with our bare hands, harvesting wheat, baking bread, feeding hens, playing with kittens, reading in hammocks, painting and cooking. Our experience at Mama Roja has left us wanting to volunteer at more projects like this. Whilst travelling and when we get home.

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“Mother of the red soil”

  1. Lizzie Ashby Wrote:

    So glad you are happy, sounds like you are having the most amazing adventure. Stay shiny, lots of love from freezing Blighty. L&D xx

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