a Monday in December   wrote:

Designer Hostel

We stopped in San Paulo for a couple weeks. Giving Jim time to catch up with work whilst I explored this giant of a city. When viewed from a high rise building the city seems to go on forever tower after tower. It has a population that is three times larger than London, a size […]

a Sunday in December   wrote:

The singing sands of Juqueí

Juqueí is where our friend, Fernando, spent most of his summers as child, getting tutoring in womanising by his grandad as so many Brazilians do. Juqueí is a Tupi word, roughly translating to “the singing sands” or “the sand that sings” , and whilst walking along the beach, the sand truly sang, perhaps a slightly repetitive song for the […]

a Tuesday in December   wrote:

Ihla Grande, the Big Island

Food poisoning, camping and rain was not an ideal combination. However, the nature and beauty of Ilha Grande made the trip so worthwhile.  Fernando introduced us to barefoot hiking. Initially unsure after ten minutes it felt intuitive making us feel more connected with our surroundings. The roughness of leaves and twigs prevented us from slipping. […]

a Sunday in December   wrote:


Today we discovered amazing cashew fruits. Each individual cashew nut comes from a pepper sized fruit. We’ll never look at a bag of cashew nuts the same way again! Also the juice is tasty.

Finally we’ve arrived at a beach, I mean what’s a holiday without some beach time, and Parati has beaches, at least 43 of them. Now it felt like a holiday, we donned some snorkelling masks and went searching for fishies.

a Saturday in December   wrote:

The Falls

As we entered what looked like a theme park we feared Iguazu Falls had been over-hyped. Descenting along the sweltering concrete jungle paths we were surprised to see lizards, monkeys and butterflies.

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