a Thursday in February Jim wrote:

More gorgeous waterfalls

Deep inland in Bahia lies Chapada Diamantina a national reserve that the Brazilian government has forgotten about, here we meet local wildlife protector and guide Puma.

Puma takes us for a small hike through the wonders of Diamantina, the suns scorching heat beating at our backs as we hiked through razor sharp canyons and rocky hills. The occasional stop at a waterfall cools our sun scorched skin and fills our water bottles. But late in the afternoon it all becomes worth it as we settle down by a black cool lagoon and terraced waterfall for some of Pumas gourmet cooking and open sky camping.

As we swim through another canyon, Puma scrambles above on the razor sharp edges of the canyon with our backpacks, the swim is long and the water is cold, a welcomed sensation after a long hot walk. And finally we’re there in the middle of something magical, Cachoeira do Mixila. Here we wonder at the magnificence of nature whist we play in the deep black lagoon.

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