a Monday in March Sarah wrote:

The Trail

When we signed up to the Inka Trail we had wronging assumed it would be easy. It took four days and three nights and proved to be challenging enough to be for filling.

Hot rainy days soaked our ponchos inside and out. The views were spectacular as we walked through tree covered ancient paths. At points we were so high up it felt like we were in the clouds. Due to altitude the hush assents of dead woman’s path were easier for those who do little exercise (like me.) We chewed coco leaves and sweets to make breathing less restricted when things got tough. At night in freezing cold temperatures Jim and I huddled in our summer sleeping bags trying to forget the guides ghost stories.

The porters each day ran passed us carrying huge back packs whilst wearing simple sandals. At lunch and dinner we would arrive at camp to find our tents made and a gourmet feasts awaiting us. These meals had three delicious courses which included cakes and parrot shaped courgettes, bordered on ridiculous. The porters were so very humble when we were introduced to them. It made me happy that we had chosen Peru Treks renowned for treating their staff well.

We managed to survive the gringo killer and make it to Machu Picchu in the early hours of the morning. It was a beautiful and powerful place.

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