a Thursday in April Sarah wrote:

Eco Truly Park

On day one at our second eco-village we knew it was not for us. We both felt Eco-Truly was a facade of sustainability. Unused eco-technologies were kept in glass cabinets to show to visitors. The organic vegetables produced were sold and cheap ones bought in for the villages to eat. Those staying there seemed to care little for the environment but a lot about Hare Krishna. We both felt cheated as it was described in a deceiving way. We concluded that the volunteers were there to provide and income to allow devotees time with God.

The positive aspect of the time spend there was meeting the wonderful other volunteers. We had a great time with people who had boundary pushing ideas. Workshops were given in Yoga, African Dancing and the most wonderful dancing through the five element. The five element dance lasted over two hours and started with us all blind folded. Dancing without seeing what anyone else is an initially uncomfortable and then extremely freeing experience.

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