a Sunday in May Jim wrote:

South American Food

If your looking for a culinary experience, South America is not the place to go, I know most people will say: “what about the steaks in Argentina!”

Yeah, yeah I like a chunk of beef as much as any other man, but really, it’s not food magic is it? But if you like a lot of salty grilled meat, an Argentinian parilla or Brasilian churrasqeria is the place for you as long as you don’t mind being constipated for a few days. (Although I might have to say that I am quite partial to Chicharrón)

In Brazil the only thing that was readily available was beans, rice and something deep-fried, in Argentina pizzas with 1cm of melted cheese on top, Bolivia & Chile offered Chicken and Chips (Chavtastic).

Thank god for Peru, on this culinary deprived continent this little country offered really good fish dishes, the best Ceviche I’ve ever had was in Lima. In Puno I had a most scrumptious honey glacéed Guinea pig, and suburban Cusco offered fantastic Chicharróns with giant white corn.

Although in Sao Paulo in Brazil one can eat very well, the Paulistas make some of the best sushi in the world. Actually sushi became a recurring theme across South America, this they can do well, we found new fusion restaurant crossing Thai, Japanese and South American food in Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia. Tabetai in Cartagena was by far the best.

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