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a Saturday in December   wrote:

The Falls

As we entered what looked like a theme park we feared Iguazu Falls had been over-hyped. Descenting along the sweltering concrete jungle paths we were surprised to see lizards, monkeys and butterflies.

a Thursday in November   wrote:

Mother of the red soil

Our disillusion with city lifestyle was one of the reasons we decided to travel. We wanted to experience the total opposite whilst helping out a project we admired. Research led us to Mama Roja a sustainable village project based in the Misiones, Argentina.

a Saturday in November   wrote:

Hablamos Spanish?

We quickly realized that without knowing any Spanish we would not be able to venture far into the unknown in Latin America, as we struggled to make ourselves understood in a city that wants to be European. But where could one learn Spanish?

a Tuesday in November   wrote:

Palermo and San Telmo

We ventured off one day to Palermo, to see how the yuppies live, and it really was like Buenos Aires 90210, loads of gym chiselled dudes in slicked back

a Sunday in November   wrote:

Culture Shock

Buenos Aires overwhelmed us. It is so familiar yet completely unique. Impossible to place making each day last for three. An evening in Bangkok, shopping in LA, a Parisian antique markets, dinner in Milan and dancing at Notting Hill Carnival. A constant mix of emotions. Fear from robbery and relief as we leave a taxi. […]

a Thursday in November   wrote:

First actually travel post

Finally!After a prolonged build-up, we’re finally here in the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, surrounded by parrillas, dog walkers and tango dancers, the first being the biggest favourite of mine, but sadly not Sarah’s, the first hurdle we’ve had to jump is the vegetarian/pescatarian one, they don’t barbeque fish in the parillas, and they […]

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