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a Sunday in April   wrote:

High on the Ground

Jim somehow managed to convince me to sign up for climbing Huayna Potosí a 6088 meter mountain near La Paz. This is crazy high especially for us with little to no experience of climbing at altitude. Day 1 was training on a glacier, we climbed up and down snowy slippery slopes wearing crampons and climbed […]

a Thursday in March   wrote:

An Authentic Bolivian Experience

Our overnight bus is cancelled an hour after scheduled departure. After a frantic search with an Brazilian tourist (Tiago) we jumped onto an expensive cockroach infested bus. We woke from an uncomfortable sleep to discover landslides had shut our road. Trucks and buses stood in an endless line weaving through the mountains. After hours of […]

a Monday in February   wrote:

Hiding in Cochabamba

I spent my time in Cochabamba in fear. Firstly there was the Spanish lessons and secondly it was carnival. During this time no gringo especially ladies are safe from attacks of water balloons and spray foam. We also got lost in the biggest market ever. We stumbled into the witches section that was filled with […]

a Friday in February   wrote:

Bananna Splits

We stayed in a hotel with a wonderful name in Santa Cruz. However, we were confused to why it is a tourist destination. Maybe we missed something but there did not seem much to see or do. We made up for our disappointment by eating ice cream for two days.

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