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a Saturday in February   wrote:

Pantanal bites

We timed our visit to the swamps between Brasil and Bolivia perfectly to match with with mosquito season. When our jeep arrived an English guy jumped out screaming ‘Don’t go, it’s carnage!’ making us want to run away. Some more calm German tourist then explained it was bad but still worth going whilst the English […]

a Thursday in February   wrote:

More gorgeous waterfalls

Deep inland in Bahia lies Chapada Diamantina a national reserve that the Brazilian government has forgotten about, here we meet local wildlife protector and guide Puma. Puma takes us for a small hike through the wonders of Diamantina, the suns scorching heat beating at our backs as we hiked through razor sharp canyons and rocky […]

a Thursday in February   wrote:

A little black Dog

Before leaving we dive into the calm black logoon, the falling water makes delicate music. New arrivals scrabble over the rocks, these shouting strangers jump into the cold water. A small black puppy whimpers left cold and wet, only to stop when his owner returns. After absorbing the stunning falls for another moment, we turn […]

a Sunday in February   wrote:

Salvadors beating soul

Walking down the streets of Pelourinho we’re greeted by the drumming of a samba bateria, people dancing all around, rounding the next corner and an extraordinary battle of breakdancers unravels. After a cooling passion fruit juice, a large group of capoeristas start playing angola to a full bateria and a jazz saxophone on the main […]

a Wednesday in February   wrote:

Boipeba, it can’t get any better

So here we go again, we found ourselves a small island with no traffic (everything was donkey powered), Ihla Boipeba is so quiet so beautiful it almost hurts. Every beach is different, one was rocky, one was windy, but all of them where was extraordinary hot, and the water seemed even warmer than the air! It […]

a Friday in January   wrote:


After two hours in boiling Salvador we have decided to stay three weeks.  The energy of our Pousada spills onto the walls inside and out. Never have we stayed somewhere so colourful and bright. A city with exuberant music, dancing  and art. The people so lively and friendly. The food fresh, spicy and delicious.

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