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a Friday in October   wrote:

Prescription drug costs

As we’re staying in the jungle for a bit we needed Anti-malaria prescriptions, which ended up costing £13.50 each at the NHS (so much for a free service) for a Malarone prescription, and in the NHS Pharmacy each pill would have been £2.83 and together we would need 140, other drugs like Vibramycin and Lariam […]

a Wednesday in October   wrote:

Piggy bank raid

httpv:// When you’re going on a long trip, but monetary measures are short I reckon that unorthodox methods of cash gathering suddenly just springs to mind, in our case, the local house “gold mine”… the piggy bank and the copper coin bucket. I never really learned to spend change, change is something of a bother […]

httpv:// I woke up this morning from a dream of traversing the Amazon in an canoe, I do think that ever since I was a kid I wanted to see the jungle, and I think I’ve got the Norwegians to blame, and their oh so bad, but oh so good childerens show “Brødrene Dal og professor Drøvels […]

We just went through the amount of injections that we need, it’s a ridiculous amount of things that can kill you out there in the world, and also I am afraid of needles, eeeek! So because I’m from Sweden I don’t really get immunised against anything, and have always just gotten the Gamma Globulin injection on holidays that kinda […]

a Tuesday in September   wrote:

So we’re looking at Eco Villages

It looks well naff, but it seem like fun, you get to learn about how to build a sustainable village, and live in it, the only drawback is that they all seem to be VEGETARIAN, I’ll have to sneak myself in a months supply of sausages if I’m to survive that ordeal. This one above […]

a Monday in September   wrote:

Budget, budget, budget

We’re trying to budget our trip to make it longer at the moment, how does one budget for a extended time away?

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