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a Wednesday in February   wrote:

Boipeba, it can’t get any better

So here we go again, we found ourselves a small island with no traffic (everything was donkey powered), Ihla Boipeba is so quiet so beautiful it almost hurts. Every beach is different, one was rocky, one was windy, but all of them where was extraordinary hot, and the water seemed even warmer than the air! It […]

a Thursday in January   wrote:


We left the small town of Búzios with wonderful memories. Each day a new stunning and secluded beach could be found, enjoyed and painted. A happy white dog appeared and showed us the way to beaches via deserted trails. Friendly holidaying Argentinians gave us speedy free ride on their beach buggy. A wild night out […]

a Saturday in January   wrote:

Florianópolis Feliz ano novo

Standing on the cooled sand new year quietly arrives. Champagne, hugs and laughter shared. Seven waves are jumped each one for a wish. Three parties with music and fruit merge into one and a fire is lit. A calm and happy new year filled with warmth and smiles.

a Tuesday in December   wrote:

Ihla Grande, the Big Island

Food poisoning, camping and rain was not an ideal combination. However, the nature and beauty of Ilha Grande made the trip so worthwhile.  Fernando introduced us to barefoot hiking. Initially unsure after ten minutes it felt intuitive making us feel more connected with our surroundings. The roughness of leaves and twigs prevented us from slipping. […]

Finally we’ve arrived at a beach, I mean what’s a holiday without some beach time, and Parati has beaches, at least 43 of them. Now it felt like a holiday, we donned some snorkelling masks and went searching for fishies.

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