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a Sunday in May   wrote:

South American Food

If your looking for a culinary experience, South America is not the place to go, I know most people will say: “what about the steaks in Argentina!” Yeah, yeah I like a chunk of beef as much as any other man, but really, it’s not food magic is it? But if you like a lot […]

a Monday in March   wrote:

Jim is evil!

To celebrate Jim’s birthday he ate an innocent Guinea pig…

a Sunday in December   wrote:

The singing sands of Juqueí

Juqueí is where our friend, Fernando, spent most of his summers as child, getting tutoring in womanising by his grandad as so many Brazilians do. Juqueí is a Tupi word, roughly translating to “the singing sands” or “the sand that sings” , and whilst walking along the beach, the sand truly sang, perhaps a slightly repetitive song for the […]

a Sunday in December   wrote:


Today we discovered amazing cashew fruits. Each individual cashew nut comes from a pepper sized fruit. We’ll never look at a bag of cashew nuts the same way again! Also the juice is tasty.

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